Opportunities for School Leavers – Full Time Apprentices

Take this hairdressing and barbering apprenticeship opportunity to work in a salon environment, whilst receiving the highest standard of professional training.

Starting your career as a hairdressing apprentice means that not only will you be gaining skills and knowledge from your classes at The School of Hairdressing, you will also be interacting daily with experienced stylists from all areas of the industry.

Instead of leaving college with a qualification and desperate to find a job, start your learning within a job…it’s the best of both!

It’s an enjoyable way to learn; alongside professional hairdressers, in a real salon environment with a structured syllabus to ensure your knowledge and skills are to a high, employable standard.


Qualifications obtainable:

• Level 2 Barbering Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 2 & Key Skills Level 1)
• Level 3 Barbering Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 3 & Key Skills Level 2)
• Level 2 Hairdressing Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 2 & Key Skills Level 1)
• Level 3 Hairdressing Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 3 & Key Skills Level 2)

The position available is full time whereby you would train one day per week with The School of Hairdressing and the remaining four days you would work in the salon. There is no previous experience needed but we ask that you are passionate about the industry and are a great team player.

If you have already started your training at another salon but are looking to transfer to KAOS, please let us know on 01707 662773 or email gina@kaos.uk.net


Vacancy:  Experienced Stylists

We are always looking for staff who aim to give the highest quality service at all times, are self motivated and strive to master the trade.  If you have a minimum of 3-5 years’ experience and would like to join our team, please contact us on 01707 662773 or email gina@kaos.uk.net.

The successful applicants will have ongoing career development at The School of Hairdressing.

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